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Manufacturer: MD Arms, LTD
SKU: V-Plug
V-Plug Discounts Apply !
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In Stock: 0
If you only make one change or addition to your Saiga-12, the MD Arms V-Plug should be it!!! Anyone who owns a Saiga-12, from a full length IZ-107 down to a 8" Short Barrel Shotgun, will benefit from the MD Arms V-plug no matter what ammo you use.

The V-Plug plug has many improvements over the factory plug and other aftermarket plugs. Installs in minutes simply by unscrewing the factory plug and screwing the V-Plug back in.

The V-Plug has 5 settings compared to the factory's 2!

Why do you need to replace the factory gas plug with the MD Arms V-Plug? To prevent damage and accelerated wear to your gun and it's parts. Because even at best, the factory plug with it's limited two settings, leaves your Saiga-12 over gassed with some makes of ammo. Also, depending on your specific gun, the factory plug may allow low brass to function on the high brass setting. If so, that means you basically have a one setting Saiga-12, that is majorly over gassed with everything but low brass... This is mostly to blame on the random start of the threading on the factory plug and in the gas block (please view comparison pics below). Another source of the blame is that the factory plug only has 2 settings. For example, the PKM and RPD have 3 gas settings and fire rifle ammunition that has A LOT less variation in powder charge and projectile weight from one type to the next when compared to the vast array of 12ga ammunition types in 2 3/4", not even considering the array of 3" types. The 2 setting factory Saiga-12 plug isn't even close to sufficient for the variations of 12ga ammo.

When on the low brass setting the MD Arms V-Plug plug better utilizes the gas from the low power ammo, slightly increasing the cycling power of the gun.

And the biggest benefit of the V-Plug is it has 4 different medium to high brass settings. Unlike the factory plug, the V-Plug allows you to adjust the gas system to prevent the high power ammunition types from over gassing your system. The MD Arms V-plug is second to none when considering both factory and aftermarket plugs, in regards to regulating the gas flow in your Saiga-12, PERIOD!
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Price: $25.00

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