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Siaga-12 - 22" bbl, full fixed choke




Siaga-12 - 19" threaded bbl, elevated sight, muzzle break





The first Saiga-12 with a 22" full choke barrel that we have seen had a stamp on the receiver that was showing 2001 as year in which it was born!
As mostly we shoot skeet and trap, having a bolt that would not stay open or cannot be locked at the open position presented a problem - the range simply will not allow that because of the well known rules!
Then... we have tried to load a full magazine in!!! If you have never tried that before, it is a "bit" of a challenge  - a lot of bad words were involved in the procedure! It does get better though after a few times and getting used to it.
And the idea was born - Make a Bolt-Hold-Open part that would eliminate both of the problems - compliance with the Skeet & Trap range and easy magazine insertion!!!
From what we have heard on gunsnet.net forum, sometime in 2002 IZHMASH finally started putting those parts in standard. For the "lucky" ones, like ourselves, that have received the shotgun without this part factory installed this would be a solution!!!
As an alternative to this part we have heard that people make a cut-out in the selector lever - that did not really appeal to us... SORRY!!! Besides making the gun look like ... you know what... you would not be able to rack the bolt back and lock it with one hand! With our part you will be able to do it easily!
A "few" hours down the road, working on AutoCAD, making paper samples, and cutting beta prototypes, here it was...

December 12, 2002 the part that will allow the bolt
to be locked in the open position was

Laser Cut - Powder Coated - Semi-Gloss Black finish!

The spring that you see on the picture below is a "Homer-Simpson-made" piece of art that has been replaced with a custom spring manufactured for us by one of the local companies. But for the tryouts it worked fine!

Here is the later production release of the BHO...

Now we could lock the bolt open + inserting a loaded magazine is the same as inserting and empty one!!!
Later we have spoken to some owners of Saiga-12 that had a stamp that their guns were made in 2002 and did not have the part in them. Hmm...
The biggest surprise was when we have received our second Saiga-12 with a 19" barrel manufactured in 2000 that DID have this part in it factory installed.
Oh, well... this is Russia we are talking about here! (...and most of us here are Russian origin, moved to US more than 10 years ago, so we are speaking from experience!)
Well... we need to tell you this - We were so glad that we have made our "new" part - the original looks like a "Russian-Homer-Simpson-made" - Like that old joke - Manual says: "File sharp edges off to perfection after assembly!" - it should be in the hall of shame with the spring you saw on the picture above!!! Fine for the tryout, but no-no for actual use!
The push button itself is about 3/4 width of our part without the additional extension!
It took as the whole 10 seconds to decide to replace it with OUR part!!!
In the end:

Our "Bolt-Hold-Open" part will be a great help in loading full magazines, as well as insuring that you shotgun can be used at any skeet and trap range where the bolt has to stay open for security!

Here are some pictures that will give you a very good idea of what this part is and how it is installed and operates!
To add this part you would need to make a slot in the receiver 1/2" X 1/8".
The "Original" vs. Custom!
"Original"     Custom
The Latest Customization - more extended button!
Would you like to buy one? - Click here!
Another interesting part ....
Elevated Steel Sight for Saiga Shotguns!

The elevated steel front sight is designed to improve shooting accuracy for the "Saiga" smoothbore hunting carbines and its modifications by increasing the aiming line and allowing the possibility of vertical and horizontal adjustment.



Looks like an AK sight doesn't it?!?!?
You can see the improvement of the aim line with this sight!!

You can find it in our e-Store - Click Here!



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